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What is Nursery Mix?

The Wholesale Growers Secret Weapon

Garden Know HowOur dear friend and garden retailer Bill Bambrick had an original idea, and it was a great one. He wanted an all-purpose mix to condition the soil or plant directly into without a lot of extra work. It should work well for most all plants, vegetables, shrubs, trees; turf and roses should love it, too. Other ideas were gathered from Horticulturist, Tom Rapp of Aiken, and Rosarian and Judge, Paul Blankenship. Of course Bricko Farms would make it at a lower price than the traditional planting product most people know as potting soil.

This was how Bricko's special Nursery Mix was born.

Why is Nursery Mix so good?

The first and most important reason Nursery Mix is so good is it starts with our premium original plant food, Compostost. Then it is enriched with Kricket Krap, and dolomite lime. All of this is mixed well with composted pine bark, and aged before selling.

Since its origination back in the '80s, Nursery Mix has become a staple for wholesale planters and growers throughout the South. Some people wonder why Aiken, South Carolina looks so beautiful. Part of the reason is City Gardener Tom Rapp plants everything using Bricko Farm’s Nursery Mix. In fact, customers from Aiken refer to it as the Rapp Mix.

Custom Blended for Your Large Growing Needs

This custom professional blend is created for large scale use by nurseries and plant suppliers to meet their specific growing needs. The process starts with a free consultation to determine what is best for the type of plants and required results. Pricing depends on the ingredients and volume of order and can be negotiated for the whole growing season.

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