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Industry growers, golf courses, and country clubs rely on our large-order supplies every year for rich, thick landscapes; vibrant, healthy plants and flowers; and lush, full trees and bushes. Contract sales with volume discounts are welcome. Just call (706) 722-0661.

The gardener's best bet is to buy in bulk by the pickup load direct from our base of operations on the Savannah River, just outside Augusta, GA (map). If you can't come see us, look for Bricko products in select garden supply retailers throughout the southeast.




Georgia-based Bricker Organics (Bricko) is known and respected for its premium organic plant foods for gardeners, large growers, and retailers across the south. For 40 years we've been committed to better plant health. Our products include:

COMPOSTOST® Breakfast for Flowers
The gardener's signature soil amender, Compostost brand plant food is much more than your garden variety dirt. This rich loam growing supplement has been perfected through years of study to make plants, lawn, and gardens thrive. Developed from composting techniques advanced in the '60s, we have not altered the organic process. Instead, we have applied science and experimentation to speed up nature's proven way. Don't settle for lifeless rock other's call compost. Get the real nutrients your lawn and garden needs from Compostost! Price>

Nursery Mix General Wholesaler Blend
Created by special request from retailers for use with a broad range of plants, flowers, and other growing needs. Nursery Mix is better and cheaper than traditional potting soil. Much like our Compostost, Nursery Mix takes the best from nature, but is cultivated through advanced decomposition techniques and made in bulk for wide scale applications. Please get us a call or click to learn more>

KRICKET KRAP 4lb BAGS: Get 'em while you can!

Limited supply of the original Kricket Krap organic fertilizer.
$10 per 4 Lb. Bag, on-site only while they last!


PLANET FRIENDLY-We're all about green!

Bricko is an environmentally conscious, privately owned company providing high-quality, safe, horticulture-related products and services. We use recycled materials to the greatest extent possible in a manner which is beneficial to community and global concerns. Reuse. Recycle. Regenerate.


GARDEN KNOW HOW by Bill Bricker, Sr.

Garden Know HowCo-founder and CEO, Bill Bricker, Sr., is widely praised in professional gardening circles as a wellspring of horticulture knowledge. Discover some of his tried and true secrets to growing success in our on-line sampling of Garden Know How.

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